Structured Finance & Securitisation

We have an excellent track record in structured finance and securitizations.

We advise on the financing of a wide range of classic and innovative asset types, both as public and private stand-alone issues, such as securitizations (including CLOs and CDOs), debt repackaging, bond issues, EMTN programs, commercial paper programs and other debt capital market issuances.

Our experience in structured finance and securitizations, combined with the resources dedicated to tax and regulatory allows us to provide clients with a competitive, knowledge-based service for all structured finance transactions. Clients include managers and arrangers; trustees; investors; originators and collateral and portfolio managers.

Our Strategy



We focus on what our clients have to tell us.

We must fully understand any factor that may affect them to better plan the next steps forward.

Understanding our clients, their needs and goals is key to providing the best service. 



It is only after having clearly identified the issues or challenges at stake that we can find solutions.

You can rely on our experience and expertise to guide our research and make it as effective as possible for you.



With our preliminary work of understanding and research, we have all the tools to succeed in finding pragmatic and innovative solutions for our clients.

At B&R, we are not satisfied with proposing only proven solutions. We will always look further and higher to find you the best deal!

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