“Yes, we can & Yes, we did it !”

Brouxel & Rabia Luxembourg Law Firm was born on 1 January 2022, as a spin-off from another Luxembourg law firm. We were ready to start a new chapter in our lives, so we launched ourselves full speed ahead into this adventurous project with all our energy, enthusiasm and confidence.

Was it reasonable to kick off this new law firm in the midst of the COVID pandemic and the global economic crisis?

After less than 6 months of being established, it is evident that Brouxel & Rabia is a success.

“YES, WE DID!” chanted Barack Obama during his presidential review. SO, DID WE!

“STRONGER THAN EVER!” characterizes our performance today. We have the strength to tackle problems head-on, overcome any crisis and move on.

But this did not come about by itself.

Firstly, this is the result of hard work but also owing to the trust of a large group of loyal and renowned clients who have not hesitated to follow us.

Clients? Certainly… but not only! They are much more than that… They are long-standing partners whose high standards constantly push us to innovate and surpass ourselves in order to meet their expectations in a very targeted manner.

Secondly, Brouxel & Rabia is also a team of devoted and multidisciplinary lawyers, experts recognised by our clients and by their peers in their fields of expertise who share the firm’s core values – Business Minded, Making a Difference, Forward Thinking, Ethical and Responsible, Sustainable – and a customer centric vision.

A core team of talented lawyers that rocks! Pablo UMBON-MANZANO, Yacine BOUAZZA, Carmine REHO, Estelle NZOUNGOU, Olivier THILL, Emma MASSICARD, Iya MARTKOPLICHVILI, Fleur MARCHAL, Gregor BERKE, Eric JUNGBLUT, France DUPONCHEL, Margot GEISLER – but we do not stop there. Other attorneys joined us in the meantime and we are confident there will be many others yet to come!

We would also like to highlight our operational team, which is at work every day behind the scenes: Thierry DARCQ, Steven GASPAR ROCHA, Nacéra RABIA, Marie NIMSGERN and Mylène MÜLLER. THANK YOU all for your commitment!

A special tribute must also be paid to Karina LAMPERT, who simply worked miracles every day.

And finally, our friends and family who have helped and supported us throughout the process of creating our new firm. We love you!

And now… what will the next few months look like? What is our road map for the future?

  • LISTENING to the needs of our clients and partners, but also of our team,
  • SEARCHING answers for them and
  • SUCCEEDING in providing them with pragmatic and innovative solutions, always being one step ahead.

Last but not least, “we want to live this new chapter of our lives with purpose”. Doing our job very well, taking care of our staff and employees, looking on the bright side of life and contributing our share to the society. We strive to be much more than just a law firm.

So, do not hesitate any longer… Whether you are looking for an independent Luxembourg firm that promotes excellence and that will place your needs at the centre of its concerns, or whether you are looking for a new challenge within a multidisciplinary team that works in a flexible and collaborative mode, you have come to the right place!

Our Strategy



We focus on what our clients have to tell us.

We must fully understand any factor that may affect them to better plan the next steps forward.

Understanding our clients, their needs and goals is key to providing the best service. 



It is only after having clearly identified the issues or challenges at stake that we can find solutions.

You can rely on our experience and expertise to guide our research and make it as effective as possible for you.



With our preliminary work of understanding and research, we have all the tools to succeed in finding pragmatic and innovative solutions for our clients.

At B&R, we are not satisfied with proposing only proven solutions. We will always look further and higher to find you the best deal!