Estelle NZOUNGOU, Senior Associate - Brouxel and Rabia Luxembourg Law Firm

Estelle NZOUNGOU, Senior Associate

Estelle is specialized in corporate law. Prior to joining us, she worked for two other independent Luxembourg law firms and an internationally well-known law firm. Although corporate remains her primary focus, she extended more recently her experience by being involved in European regulated funds’ management as a funds’ director and compliance officer. Estelle has made a name for herself as being a highly analytical mind while maintaining an eye on the broader picture. She is able to draw out key points accurately and her precise drafting and guidance has impressed clients and colleagues alike. Estelle has excellent communication skills and is consistent in demonstrating resourcefulness paired with the ability to anticipate needs.


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On 20 July 2023, the Luxembourg Parliament has adopted a new bill of law on the right of establishment in Luxembourg and on the modernisation of the business licensing process (“autorisation d’établissement”)

On 20 July 2023, the Luxembourg Parliament has finally adopted the draft bill n° 7989 after more than a year of negotiations (the “Modernisation Law”), which amends the law of 2 September 2011 on the access to the professions of craftsman and certain liberal professions – establishing the legal framework for business license’s application…

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