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Welcome on Board Gregor BERKE !

Brouxel and Rabia Luxembourg Law Firm is thrilled to introduce Gregor BERKE.
Gregor has joined our team in March 2022.
Gregor has an impressive track-record of over 23 years in the Luxembourg financial sector…

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Our Strategy



We focus on what our clients have to tell us.

We must fully understand any factor that may affect them to better plan the next steps forward.

Understanding our clients, their needs and goals is key to providing the best service.



It is only after having clearly identified the issues or challenges at stake that we can find solutions.

You can rely on our experience and expertise to guide our research and make it as effective as possible for you.



With our preliminary work of understanding and research, we have all the tools to succeed in finding pragmatic and innovative solutions for our clients.

At B&R, we are not satisfied with proposing only proven solutions. We will always look further and higher to find you the best deal!

Our Values

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While exercising our professional duties and playing a role in society, it is of the utmost importance to demonstrate ethical and responsible behaviour at the highest standard. We act responsibly and with integrity to gain confidence and build up long term relationships with our clients and other stakeholders. At B&R, we strive to act always with due care, confidentiality, independence, respect, transparency and accountability.
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Entrepreneurship can only happen when you have people who can seize opportunities based on their ideas to generate value. Our lawyers undertake their job in the most efficient and business-focused way, which allows them to see what is needed and what is missing. At B&R, we do everything to bring about our clients’ vision.
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We will never take things for granted. We will always challenge the norm and think out of the box in our clients’ best interests. At B&R, we’re convinced that we’ve got to be forward thinking to stay one step ahead.
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At B&R, we believe in difference not in conformity. We are enthusiastic and thoughtful. We think and act differently from most lawyers. Our singularity will be a source of innovation and freshness. We will have a customised look at your project or issues. We strive to make an impact on your business by listening, thinking and solving uniquely for you. We want to be much more than your lawyer. We want to be your trusted partner throughout your projects’ lifetime….and beyond!
We see our law firm as a part of the larger human community and everything we do should allow mirror that. We are therefore committed to create and maintain a sustainable environment for us and others to facilitate global economic and social development. The way to sustainability can only be achieved through sustainable development, including gender equality, diversity, good health and well-being of our teams and a more responsible consumption and production. At B&R, we are committed to play our full part in creating a more human, sustainable, respectful and life-enhancing environment for our associates and employees. We want to be the strong link in a chain of interlocking responsibilities towards a better future.

Client Reviews

"Smart and very intellectually agile, Samia has a fierce eye for detail that few can see. She's the kind of lawyer you need to have in your address book."
"François Brouxel is very pragmatic and down-to-earth"
"Carmine is technically competent and easy to reach"
"Pablo is reliable, trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable"
”With Yacine, I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and I was not treated as a number.”
"Samia Rabia has shown incredible business acumen"
“I’m amazed at her insight in handling complex legal issues and grateful for her knowledgeable, comprehensive and strategic approach. Thanks again Estelle!”
“François assisted me in a shareholder’s conflict. He was exactly the right person I needed. He proved to be the smart fighter that made the difference”.
"Samia Rabia can guide you easily through complex matters"
”Yacine is without any doubt one of the greatest attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with.”
"Pablo thinks broadly and is willing to listen to my thoughts and to react to them with solid legal work"
“François has a very good sense of business. I felt I was in good hands”
“Carmine has been most helpful! Very accessible, diligent, and dependable when it comes to me and my company’s legal needs. The relationship I have with him has proven to exceed my expectations.”
"Wherever Samia goes, I will go. I'll be her client for so long as she will accept to work with me!"

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