Welcome on board Delia Nitescu!

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Brouxel & Rabia, Luxembourg Law Firm is delighted to welcome Delia Nitescu.

Delia specialises in mergers and acquisitions and the financing or refinancing associated with such transactions. She also has extensive experience in restructuring and reorganising local and international clients in a wide range of industries such as private equity, energy and real estate.

Throughout her successful career as a corporate lawyer, Delia has assisted numerous multinationals and private equity houses in their acquisition and development projects. She has also been involved in a wide range of financing and refinancing matters, including insolvency proceedings in Luxembourg and Chapter 11 proceedings in the United States.

We have been working with Delia for about 10 years and we have shared many good  professional adventures! Throughout the years, she has always been there for the firm and for the clients who love her! She is very precise, sharp and very efficient. There is nothing she has shied away from in order to achieve the goals set by the clients. She is simply incredible! We are delighted that she has joined us for new challenges. Having Delia on our team is a promise to tick all the boxes.
The perfect combination of result in the most beautiful way!

Samia RABIA and François BROUXEL, Partners

Delia Nitescu Brouxel ^ Rabia Luxembourg Law Firm
Delia NITESCU, Counsel


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